Fascinating Facts About Laser Technology: History and Uses

use of laser in medicine

Laser Technology

With the advancement of technology in this era, it’s difficult to imagine what life was like back when modern technology, particularly laser technology, did not yet exist. Today, we deal with laser technology with almost every move we make. For instance, whenever we are in the supermarket, price scanners, used to check out price and product labels, are made possible with the use of lasers. If you’re fond of watching movies, regardless if it’s about martial arts, romance, war, etc. lasers are still being used as they are found in CDs and DVDs as well. Even television sets, iPads, iPhones, and other gadgets make use of laser diodes to transfer data. A much bigger industry that makes use of this technology is the field of medicine; from hair removal to performing surgical operations, lasers are used to do the job. Indeed, laser technology has definitely dominated our lives.

That being said, we ought to know more about this aspect of science. Thus, we present you to a list of interesting facts about laser technology.

Fascinating Facts

  • For your information, LASER has a deeper meaning to it. The word is actually an acronym that quickly explains the laser process; it stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
  • The very first laser was created by Theodore H. Maiman in 1960 at the Hughes Research Laboratories.
  • As early as 1917, the famous Albert Einstein had already established what would now be theoretical foundations for the laser in his paper Zur Quantentheorie der Strahlung which translates as “On the Quantum Theory of Radiation”.
  • The very first laser cutter made its debut in 1965 and it was used to drill holes inn diamonds.
  • Apollo 11, which is famous for its moon landing, made use of laser to accurately measure the distance of the Earth from the moon. We can safely say that laser’s precision is definitely proven.
  • Lasers are famous in the field of cosmetology, medicine, communications and  manufacturing. 
  • A surgical cut made by a laser is much more precise and less harsh than that of any surgeon’s.

laser lights show

  • When making a cut using a laser, mirrors and lenses are used to focus the laser beams’ heat on the target area.
  • Aside from its aforementioned uses, lasers are also used for entertainment. Laser lighting displays are popular in concerts, shows, clubs, etc. Moreover, laser lights are also becoming a Christmas lights trend; check out laserchristmaslightshq.com to see the different laser lights available for holidays and parties.
  • The famous laser tag activity is actually used as a method of training for combat.
  • When aimed at the eyes, lasers can produce temporary or permanent loss of vision.
  • The safety of lasers are classified by safety class numbers. Class 1 being the safest and class 4 being the most dangerous.
  • Laser is famous for being “a solution looking for a problem”. When they first created laser, no one really knew what exactly it would be used for.
  • The reason why lasers can’t be seen in space is because of the fact that they have no matter.

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