Essential Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Cinema

outdoor movie setup

Experiencing cinematic feels in your own backyard is just an amazing experience. Although the results of your hard work in setting everything up may be wonderful, the process of putting everything together may be quite challenging.

Unfortunately, as opposed to our imagination and expectation of everything running smoothly, some minor and major problems may actually pop up along the way. Of course, these can be helped.

In this article, we will tell you a few tips and tricks that might just make your outdoor cinema life easier and a more positive experience.


  • Use good quality equipment.

The screen and the sound system, specifically, should be of good quality for a great outdoor theater experience. You visitors wouldn’t want to watch the movie without sounds nor hear the movie sounds but struggle to determine what’s happening on the screen.

  • Secure the wiring.

When setting up your own outdoor theater, the wiring aspect could be challenging without the proper guidance. One of the best ways to setup the wiring for an outdoor film system is to check out Outdoor Movie HQ’s resource . Try to check it out if you want your setup to be easy as pie.

  • Don’t forget the snacks.

Food and drinks are a must in this event. Your visitors will always look for something to munch on while watching the movies. Better buy lots and lots of food and drinks ahead of time so no one has to rush to the store while the movie is already starting.

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  • Debug prior to the event.

It’s very important to ensure that a clean and almost bug-free environment where your outdoor cinema is located. You might want to spray before your visitors arrive in the area.

  • Inform the neighbors.

You don’t want the neighbors to call the cops on you so please, do inform them ahead of time about your movie night. Understandably, watching movies, especially horror ones, will definitely not be silent as there might be faint screaming, laughing and chit-chats happening as well.

  • Ensure comfortable seating.

Luckily, there are so many outdoor cinema seat options. Fun options may include using bean bag chairs; but you may even make use of mattresses for comfort. Make sure you’ve got blankets and pillows to make the experience much more homey.

  • Choose the right movies.

Please don’t let your visitors watch a boring film; otherwise, they may never come to your movie night anymore. As much as possible, try to ask them ahead of time which films they want to watch. Gather some ideas before making the decision.

Bottom Line

To make the entire situation a great experience, you just have to make sure you keep the food coming, provide a clean and comfortable space, have a fully-functional equipment and the right movies. Furthermore, don’t forget to mention your house rules, if there are any, so as to avoid ruckus in your own home.


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